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Adrian SchichtaA
Mannheim / Germany (DE)
Opole / Poland (PL)
Tel.mob: +49/ (0) 15211904308 (DE)
Tel.mob: +48/ (0) 796 473 537 (PL)
2016 Short Film *Palce lizać* / Finger-licking Good /
2012 IMRESS 3D, Exhibition: Top-Ten, interactive product visualization, Berlin
2008-2012 Projects in area of virtual characters
2004-2008 Projects in area of architectur visualization
2004 Style trials for *Holywood Picuteres* computer game, competition
2003 Fontdesign Adiranus
2000-2002 Designer in the FH Mannheim. Project of Virtual System for Interior Design / Germany
2000 Consultant for Computeranimation, ITI Poland/ Warsaw
1999 Exhibition: Product 99, Contemporary Art Gallery / Poland
1998 Interactive lecture: Autor: dr W. Förster. Design and realization, FH Mannheim/ Germany
1998-2000 Scientist at the Institut of Video/Animation, FH Mannheim/ Germany
1997-1998 Designer in SWEDA GmbH / Germany
1997 tv trailer for christmas, 2D Animation / Warsaw
1997 tv trailer for the anniversary, 2D Animation / Warsaw
1996 Interactive presentation of the musik agency, Gdansk, CD-ROM production
1995 Practical training in Advetrising Agentur Magenta Design / Germany
2013/14-2015/16 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow / Poland
................Master of Fine Arts. Thesis: Sposoby i środki ukazywania głębi w obrazie.
1993-1997 Studies at the FH Mannheim - University of Applied Arts and Science / Germany
................Dipl.-Designer (FH). Thesis: Corporate Identity for the tv program.
1983-1988 High School. Lyceum of Fine Arts / Poland
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Adrian Schichta: Designer and artist, born 1968 in Polen. The first drawing and painting lessons were given to him as a 12-year-old boy at the State Art Center and then at

the State Gymnasium of Fine Arts under the direction of Alojza Zacharska-Marcolla. In 1993 he began his studies at the Faculty of Communication Design at the Fachhochschule Mannheim-University of Applied Arts and Sciences in Mannheim (Germany), and in 1997 he graduated in Animation with the title of Diplom -Designer (FH). During his studies, he was fascinated by three-dimensional graphics and other modern computer techniques. He studied Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow where he learned basic techniques in engraving and lithography, and deepened his knowledge in animation and drawing. He is currently active as an artist and author and realizes projectsin the field of art, film, animation and visualization. Enjoy checking it out.

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